the non-disclosures





The reality of working in tech is that the majority of the interesting work is all completed under NDAs. Hence, I can’t share a lot of my tech-related (and most recent) projects with you over this open air channel. However, I can give you an overview of the type of projects I've done!

If you’re terribly curious, I’m happy to the share work (that I'm allowed to show) with you in person.


color key : NDA timeline




notable classified projects


no. 1

Wearable Technology

research, service design, hardware UI, visual language



no. 2

Smart Home Appliance Experience

features include:
smart scheduling, multi-user preference management, notifications, education and incentive system.

branding, cross-platform experience, multi-platform UI,
service design, visual language, iterative user testing,
behavioral animation





no. 3

Mobile Device Application for 
On-Demand Media 
(for kids)

research, brand/identity, tablet UI, visual language, 
behavioral animations




project no. 4

Multi-platform IPTV Experience for
a Major Cable Provider

strategy, multi-platform UI, cross platform experience,
website, visual language



project no. 5

Multi-channel Communication and Content Management 
System for a Large Network

features include:
dynamic time-based map visualization, navigation, messaging,
content management and retrieval.

multi-platform UI, cross-platform experience,
visual language, highly integrated information design