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This is a brief overview of my work. 
Due to NDAs,  I can't show much. But here is a sampling, just for you.
If something strikes your fancy, I'd love to talk.


nicole yeo




The Show

Identity created for the UW Design Show, Class of 2012.
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Yours Truly

Identity and album art for Sol, a Seattle-based hip hop artist.




Novox  —  Fall 2011

Created publication concept, physical magazine, 
and a tablet prototype.



Marks + Symbols

Various marks, icons, and lettering.



Built in Processing : Proto

An interactive audio/visual exploration of
recollected first memories and Childhood Amnesia.
(pro tip: listen with headphones)




The US Federal Budget — Winter 2011


A study of the US federal budget process, comparing disparity
between the prescribed schedule of events (as enforced by law)
to the actual occurrence.
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UW ID — Spring 2011

Identity created for the UW Industrial Design Junior Show.