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Schwitzer Turbocharger

Products Mode: S2B
Min order: 10
Delivery date: 1-30 days
Productivity: 8000 sets/month
Packing: Neutral packing,brand name packing
Certificates: ISO9001:2000;TS16949

Product Name:Schwitzer Turbocharger

Repair kits for SCANIA BENZ IVECO trucks. It is optional to choose the standard repair kits or some of them needed . the repair kits are of good quality, pls feel free to contact us in case of any demand.

1.Competitive price
2.High quality
3.OEM standard
4.Long performance life

Schwitzer turbocharger feature:
1)Lower fuel consumption
2)Lower emissions
3)Better torque characteristics
4)Lower engine noise
5)Lower weight and a small engine package

Our primary competitive advantages:
1)Best quality & reasonable price
2)Good market in domestic and abroad
3)Quick delivery
4) Professional technical service & after-sales service