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HX35 6BT turbocharger for cummins 3539697 3539698 3539699

? Model :     HX35 Turbo
? Part No.: 6735-81-8201 6735-81-8301 6735-81-8401 6735818201 6735818301 6735818401
? OE No.:   3539700 3804877 3539698  3590032 3539699 3539697
? Engine :   6BT, 6BTA, S6D102 Cummi, S6D102
? Fuel: Diesel

? Turbocharger for Cummins Komatsu Commercial Vehicle 6BT, 6BTA
? Turbocharger for Komatsu PC220 Earth Moving Excavator T6D102, S6D102
? Turbocharger for  Komatsu CD60R, PC220 Earth Moving Excavator S6D102

Before your purchase, please double check your old turbocharger part number and O.E.M number to ensure its compatibility.

If you are not sure about the part you need, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your disposal.